The Weekly Update: COVID-19 in America

Just two weeks ago the United States reached 10 million cases of coronavirus, an amount that gravely concerned experts and declared the state of covid-19 as the “exponential phase”. Officials warned about the spread of the virus and even rolled back plans of reopening certain states, but the virus has continued to spread faster than ever with the total cases of COVID-19 now over 12 million in the U.S. 

In just six days the United States accumulated 1 million new cases, with 195,500 new cases and 1,878 deaths being confirmed on Friday the 20th alone, per data from John Hopkins University. The American death toll now stands at 255,000 people as of November 21st. 

Many hospitals throughout the United States are said to be overwhelmed with patients and critically understaffed, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. 

To slow the rate of spread, some states have implemented curfews and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have urged individuals to stay at home this Thanksgiving and avoid all travel. Traveling is suspected to increase the spread of covid-19, so unless you have been able to quarantine for 14-days after traveling to see your loved ones, it’s best to have Thanksgiving with those in your direct household and celebrate virtually with others.

On the bright side, two vaccines for COVID-19 are in their trial phase and looking to be quite effective. With Pfizer and Moderna’s efficacy coming in at 95% and 94.5%, these vaccines could be available as early as December once approved by the Food and Drug Administration. However, most Americans will have to wait until Summer 2021 to receive a vaccine.

In the meantime, keep wearing your masks, stay in your home as much as possible, and get tested regularly if you have the means.

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