The Neck Gaiter & Bandana

The Neck Gaiter and Bandana style face masks have gotten very popular. Everywhere we go, we can spot someone with it on. For a while, neck gaiters got such a bad reputation as articles were published about how it was ineffective in a test done by Duke University. They even went as far as stating that having one was worse then not having a mask at all. At the same time, bandanas never really got a bad reputation. They seem to be considered safe and uncriticized by many and also very popular. The CDC approves of them as of right now. A new study posted by Yahoo states that it is indeed an effective form of helping slow the spread of Coronavirus especially when doubled up. Our neck gaiters can all be doubled up within the same mask providing additional protection. 

Please use your best judgement as when wearing different types of masks in different social settings. Just like anything in this life, there are always exceptions and considerations. Maybe an elderly home needs more medical grade masks due to the risks as opposed to a person playing golf using a neck gaiter. As masks have become the new social norm, having a variety of masks seems to be the trend. It provides pros and cons in different settings and having choices is always beneficial. Have some options at your disposal and incorporate some gaiters and bandanas to your choices. 

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