Protect Your Health Billboards

As you drive around Los Angeles, you may have seen our billboards in various places. We are a public service for you. Protect Your Health is your convenient and reliable source for your masks. You can easily remember this URL and get whatever you need. Always be prepared. 

As you get ready to take on this drastically changed world in the upcoming months, know that we are here to help you get used to this new way of life. You should always have some spare disposables in your car. This is a convenient way to have it when you need it. If you have kids, you should have a box of kids disposable masks as well. That way you will have the peace of mind knowing you will always be prepared to safely enter public places with your children. 

As a person from Los Angeles, know that you should receive your masks in 1-2 days as your order is filled locally. Shipping is always free for orders over $50. 

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