Flu Shots For All

As we approach the height of cold and flu season, it is increasingly important for us to do all that we can to fight off these viruses. In addition to maintaining a balanced diet and getting 30 minutes of exercise per day, we can further avoid the flu by getting an annual vaccine. It is recommended by the CDC to get a flu shot as early as October, but even if you wait until after to get one you will still be protected for the remainder of the season. 

Given the state of the coronavirus pandemic, health experts strongly encourage everyone, healthy and all, to get vaccinated. According to the CDC, the vaccine prevented 4 million Americans from getting the flu, so it’s definitely worth fitting an appointment into your schedule.

Looking for quick and affordable options for getting vaccinated? Check out our list below.

1. Walgreens

Across the nation Walgreens is offering flu shots via appointment or walk-in that take just 10 minutes, and are free with most insurances. Don’t worry if you are uninsured, Walgreens offers the influenza vaccine for just $40.99.2.

2. CVS Minute Clinic

CVS is another nation-wide option for getting your annual flu shot. Walk-ins are welcome but to save time, patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment online. Similar to Walgreens, flu shots are free with most insurances, but if uninsured it is only $39.99.

3. Urgent Care

There are plenty of urgent care centers across the nation that offer flu shots and are available at whatever time you need. Check out your local urgent care centers to schedule a free (with insurance) flu shot today.

4. [Your] County Health Department

Check out the website of your county’s health department for local flu shot resources. Many churches, community centers, and local clinics offer quick and easy options for insured and uninsured patients, often at no cost.

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