3 Things to Consider with Disposable Masks

The world has changed so much this year in 2020. Our society has forever changed in how we think about sharing public spaces, what it means to work from home and our standard of public prototcol. Wearing a mask is now a public policy and generally considered good etiquette when around people. With that said...

1. The number one thing that we should consider is that we have a mask when we need it. Although for most of us, having a mask is now a habit and generally something we have at all times...there are always times when we somehow forget to have one. It is always nice to have a pack of disposables in your car and your office. Yes, we do sometimes feel like having a box of 50 is a bit bulky to be in the car. That is why, we conveniently have travel disposables that are conveniently packaged in packs of 10 so you can always have an emergency stash. This can be especially convenient with kids masks as well because let's face it... It's hard to remember everything when you are traveling with kids. 

2. Make sure the disposable mask is tested to ensure that it provides adequate protection. This pandemic has caused many different entrepreneurs and factory owners to start making masks. As with any product that had a driver for skyrocketing demand, there are those who attempted to make these products in a uncertified or uncontrolled way. There are a variety of institutes that test masks for quality. ATSM International, TUV, SGS just to name a few. Our masks have test results done by TUV and the results are shown here. Some of the common things tested are fluid resistance, breathability, bacterial filtration, particulate filtration and flammability. While we do not want to bore you with a long explanation of standards, our masks are considered great by these metrics. Here are just a few numbers for good measure...

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): > 98%
  • Differential Pressure Test: 33 Pa/cm²
  • Microbial Cleanliness Test 1 CFU/g

So for all intents and purposes, wear these masks with confidence. 

3. Consider buying in bulk. Who knows what the future holds for us? We can easily say that masks will be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. We are a large volume retailer and can provide a 15% discount on bulk orders for cases. Each case contains 20 boxes of 50. 



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